An Amazing Beach for my WORKATION

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What an amazing location for my workation..

Klick HERE to see how I chose my location.

Life is very cheap in Mexico, that’s why it’s ideal for fun and work. It’s only 45 minutes from San Diego!

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Make Money Online and Get Yourself FREE!

Is Making Money Easy?

No it was not easy. It took me years. I attended real estate-, Forex and internet marketing courses and even a ‘Never Work Again” weekend, I flew to London for many courses and did a lot of mindset work. But now it works! And the funny thing is: now I found a much easier way! Ohoh..:-)


The Right Mindset

It starts with the right mindset. First of all you need a compelling why. Why don’t you want this life anymore? Are you fed up with work, with working hard, being out of money, your horrible boss, the house you live in, the life you live??

My problem was that I had a good life. A very good life. A good income, health, lovely family and friends…. but still? For me it was ‘live life to the fullest’ and live my full potentials which made me look for more. It is not only about the money. I admit money makes life a lot easier. But for me it is really about my potentials, get the best out of life and give the best of myself back to the world.

So that’s when I realized I could do much more with my talents. Ans also I had a huge craving for FREEDOM. Always had.

As i said the first step was mindset. I enrolled in T Harc’s Ecker Quantum Leap programm and went to London, Rome, Amsterdam, Malaysia and Las Vegas… loved every bit of it! Trainings were a combination of mindset and how to set up a business either real estate or Forex or Internet Marketing, making apps, making your own business grow… it was very, very interesting. Not is the least for the network of likeminded people I met.

But I don’t Have Time and Money!

Now I can hear you think: “but I don’t have the time and money to do that”. And that is exactly why you need to change!!

I could teach you how to set up a real estate business. I have done the best courses in the world and my business is successful. But it will take time and it might not be your passion. And besides I will show you a much easier way: Make Money Online.

Why Am I always Travelling?

People ask me that question lots of time. I always travelled but as I used to have a daytime job with 6 weeks holiday a year, I was lacking free time. That’s when I decided to start being self employed. That’s a long story. Then I decided to start up a business. And then I decided to start a business I could run from a sunny beach in Bali..

Make Money The Easy Way

I only started some weeks ago with this affiliate marketing program. And believe me, it is not the first one I tried. I lost money with internet marketing as well. Then My mentor said “Learn before you earn”. Never invest your money in anything, unless you understand it. So if you are interested: read before you start! Ask me questions.  Make sure you understand what you are doing!

I started to click sites, easy and free. You get paid for visiting sites, looking at ads, filing in surveys. There are lot of ways.  Then I got interested and started to buy ad packs…to get more traffic for my own websites. Then I started to get more visitors to my site and made more money and I am still learning! But it works. In the end it works!!

I will keep you posted as the results go on and on. But if you are really looking for something simple, start with Making Money Online. And please LEARN BEFORE YOU EARN!

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Have a FREE Holiday!

Do you recognize this:

  • You want to go on a holiday but you don’t have any money?
  • You don’t want the hassle of going over the internet and search?
  • But you are desperate to go?|There is a FREE solution!
  • Think about house sitting! House sitting is taking care of a home, where the homeowner is leaving their house for a period of time and entrusts it to you as a “house sitter”. It is rent-free cause you will take over some responsibilities such as taking care of the pets, perform some maintenance and take care the house will stay in a good condition.

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Interpreting Dreams


Many people dream but only few chase and understand their dreams. A dream can be defined as an experience of events, voices, memories etc in our imagination. Human history is puzzled with dreams where dreams are scientifically studied. But what most of the people don’t know is that even animals dream.
My Dream Life

Realize your dreams









What do Interpreting dreams mean?

The process of assigning some meaning to the dream is called dream interpretation. Many scientific researches have been made on interpreting dreams and many studies are still going on to understand the cause of dreams, the content of dreams, varying frequencies of dreams, the relation between dreams and real life, the purpose of dreams etc.

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Feed Yourself With Information of Success!

Brian Tracey tells you how to get from plateau to plateau. How to feed yourself with information for success, attracting the right people and grow into the next plateau.

Luck is not luck at all. Personal development has everything to do with taking your chances. Those will lead you into success and personal growth.

To listen to Brian Tracey CLICK HERE

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Your Dreams Are A Mirror Of Your Daily Life: Analyse Them!

Your dreams reflect your psychological and daily problems. They show you the images that are hidden in your subconscious memory. They explain you why your behavior is influenced by psychological aspects. So, here is the dream dictionary for you to interpret your dreams:


Actor:  Be careful and watchful, an enemy in your surroundings

Agony (Seeing yourself agonizing): This dream is interpreted by law of opposites. IT means good health. Lees verder

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Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis

Dream beach

Dream Beach


Dreams can be confusing but if we take a closer look at them, they do mean something. While dream analysis does not solve all the troubles in your life, paying close attention to your dreams can push you in right direction for solving at least some of the major problems because your dreams can give you hints about what’s going on in your subconscious mind. Peaceful sleep gives your brain much needed rest and gives it ample time to sort things out that are bothering you in your day to day life.

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You Are A Genius

You are a geniusListen what a Genius you are.. and get inspired. Nothing to plan, just be, feel and do. Your inspiration comes, you feel it, know it, allow it…


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Dream to …?

Dream and give yourself permission to envision a You that you choose to be.
Joy Page

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Realize Your Dreams: Make A Lifeboard!


A Harvard Business School conducted a 10 year study on goal setting. Only 3% of that group had clear written goals. They earned on average 10 times as much as the other 97% combined!! So, the secret is to make clear written goals. Here is a great and very apealing method:


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