Have a FREE Holiday!!

Do you recognize this?

  • You want to go on a holiday but you don’t have any money?
  • You don’t want the hassle of going over the internet and search?
  • But you are desperate to go?

There is a FREE solution!

Think about house sitting! House sitting is taking care of a home, where the homeowner is leaving their house for a period of time and entrusts it to you as a “house sitter”. It is rent-free cause you will take over some responsibilities such as taking care of the pets, perform some maintenance and take care the house will stay in a good condition.








You don’t want just a house… you want the time of your life!

If you want to know the conditions and how to be a good house sitter and get the best deal you can read this book: HOUSE SITTING BOOK

Actually now that I am writing this, I might have a look myself. I have never done it to be honest, but after watching the movie Tara Road and The Holiday it might be a great idea…are you ready for romance…?

Have fun!!

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