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Many people dream but only few chase and understand their dreams. A dream can be defined as an experience of events, voices, memories etc in our imagination. Human history is puzzled with dreams where dreams are scientifically studied. But what most of the people don’t know is that even animals dream.
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What do Interpreting dreams mean?

The process of assigning some meaning to the dream is called dream interpretation. Many scientific researches have been made on interpreting dreams and many studies are still going on to understand the cause of dreams, the content of dreams, varying frequencies of dreams, the relation between dreams and real life, the purpose of dreams etc.

Explanation of a dream

According to famous oneirologist (a person who studies about dreams), Mr. Calvin S. Hall’s theory of dreams, dreaming is a cognitive process. Dream is a thought or simply a chain of thoughts that occur during sleep which is a visual illustration of personal ideas. According to him, if you dream of being attached by your friends, it can be a sign of fear of friendship.

According to another famous oneirologist Mr. Sigmund Freud, foundation of all dream content is achievement of all your wishes, conscious or not and the clash between ego and your identity leads to nightmares – the id wishes to see the past wish fulfilled, while the ego do not allow it. He also interprets the angst of nightmares as ego working against your identity.

Later many people did various researches on dreams. A recent theory called scientific American theory which was put forth in 2003 state that dreams provide stimulation to the brain while many of the sense organs like eyes, ears etc are still developing.

So why is interpreting dreams essential?

Your dreams are your own. No one else can feel them, see them or alter them. You are the sole owner of your dreams and the messages that you receive which are created especially for you. Each one sees different dreams with personalities and situations that are familiar to them, even if the topics of the dream are the same. Your mind gives symbolic representation of what you expect from your life which you probably have ignored knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore interpreting dreams helps you understand yourself better and understanding yourself gives you mental peace and inner happiness which obviously can never be bought with money or status.

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