Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis

Dream beach

Dream Beach


Dreams can be confusing but if we take a closer look at them, they do mean something. While dream analysis does not solve all the troubles in your life, paying close attention to your dreams can push you in right direction for solving at least some of the major problems because your dreams can give you hints about what’s going on in your subconscious mind. Peaceful sleep gives your brain much needed rest and gives it ample time to sort things out that are bothering you in your day to day life.

Pay attention to your dreams

To analyze your dream, you first need to understand them. And to understand dreams, you need to pay attention to what they are telling you. They may find crazy and weird at the beginning, but if you analyze them properly, you may find key message hidden within.

If you are unable to memorize your dreams, keep a paper and pen next to your bed so that you can quickly write down your thoughts before they are lost. This method also helps you to fully capture the details of your dream.

Although types of dreams are endless, many of us experience very similar dream themes that can help you in your dream analysis.

Here are very common dream themes:

Lost dreams:

If you dream that you are lost or stuck somewhere, it could be symbolic representation of how you are feeling deep inside. It could indicate your great confusion about something that is going on in your life.

Running away from a beast or monster:

Sometimes our dreams really scare us. A typical example of this is a dream in which you are chased by a beast or monster and you are running hard to save your life. The beast in your dream could be sign of a problem or it could be some kind of hurdle that you are facing in your life. Perhaps, your mind is telling you to stop running from the problem and face it courageously.

Naked in public:

Naked dreams are most common dreams where you find yourself partially or fully naked in front of people. This could mean that you are trying to hide something and afraid of revealing it to someone.


Drowning could signify you are overwhelmed by emotions. It could also signify a feeling of loss of your identity and you are unable to identify what and who you are anymore.

Resolving your issue:

Once you have done your dream analysis, you have completed hardest part. You can now concentrate on taking actions to resolve the issues. For example, if you are getting bad dreams because you have hard time in relaxing, then make a genuine effort to include more relaxation in your day.

When you start working on specific situations that are causing stress in your life, you can see that your negative dreams start disappearing. You may then start analyzing good dreams.

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