Your Dreams Are A Mirror Of Your Daily Life: Analyse Them!

Your dreams reflect your psychological and daily problems. They show you the images that are hidden in your subconscious memory. They explain you why your behavior is influenced by psychological aspects. So, here is the dream dictionary for you to interpret your dreams:


Actor:  Be careful and watchful, an enemy in your surroundings

Agony (Seeing yourself agonizing): This dream is interpreted by law of opposites. IT means good health.

Airplane: Spiritual advancement

Ambush: Betrayal

Angel: Prosperity

Ant: Forecast, Patience

Arrows: Misfortune and pain

Attack by a beast or monster: Enemies

Axe: Demolition

Barn: Again interpreted by law of opposites. Scarcity

Bat: Black magic

Bee: They interpret labor.

Bees working: The person is being advised not to waste his time.

Beach with storms: Unable to control sexual passion

Bicycle: Represents you are spiritually well balanced

Boat: Someone is going to leave.

Boar: Low passions.

Book: Predicts wisdom

Broom: Advise to eliminate your defects. Clean internally.

Bull attacking: Rivals

Bullet: Dreadful thinking

Buying something: Gain

Cage without a bird: Prison

Cage with a bird: Freedom

Camel: Wealth, Trip through land ways.

Cane: Illusion

Car: Spiritual danger

Castle: Symptom of spiritual work.

Cat that attacks: Disloyalty of spouse or by a person who is very close to you.

Celebrations: Represents tragedy

Chains being dragged: Miserable

Chain being broken: Happy occasion

Clock: Symbolizes time

Cloud: Unclear mind

Cockroaches: Mind full of useless and silly ideas

Cold: Problems

Cow that is attacking: Rivals

Cow that is tamed: Divinity

Crow: Death

Cyclone: Calamity

Dead, to see one’s self: Represents death of some defect. Good as per psychological point of view

Desert: Lost

Dog: Punishment that you are going to pay for your deeds

Dog that is friendly: Honest friendship

Dog that is attacking: A disloyalty by a friend.

Donkey: It signifies your mind

Dragged by water current: spiritual failure

Dung: You will receive monetary aid.

Eagle (flying high): Happy moment

Eagle that is wounded:  Destruction

Eating Chocolate: Bitterness in life

Eggs or chickens coming out eggs: Internal Birth

Elephant: Conscience to wake up

Excrement: You will get monetary aid

Eye: Godly monitoring

Floods: Problems

Flying: Divine gains

Fire: Punishment

Fish served in a plate: Plenty of food

Fisherman: Preaching

Flying Bird: forecasts a trip by water

Garden: Spiritual joy

Garlic: Exposure of some secret

Hair of a female: Preoccupation

Hat: Journey

Hen: Shyness

Hen laying eggs: Profits

Horse: Power

Island: A close person will abandon you

Jail: Punishment

Lamp: Wisdom

Lemon: Bad luck

Lion: to interact with a famous personality

Leopard: Happiness and sorrows in a row

Letter or Mail: Good news

Light: Friendship you can trust on

Mirror: Betrayal

Money lost: Happiness

Money gained: Worries – this is interpreted by law of opposites

Moon: Faults

Mountain that is vertical or steep: You must concentrate towards your goal

Mountain in flames: Rivals

Mud: Pain

Murdering someone: Removal of flaws

Naked: Worrying if your secrets would be revealed

Old man: Wisdom

Owl: Black Magic

Ox:Battleor struggle

Palm: Victory

Parrot: Rumors, Widgets

Peacock: Pride

Pig: Fornication

Rain: Pain

Rainbow: Coalition or support

Rice: You get more than what is required

Ring: Commitment

Road with flowers: Good time in future

Road: the structure of road depicts life path (eg zigzag, bumpy, curvy road etc)

Sandals: Humility

Scorpion: Sex

Scorpion that is attacking: Clean your body

Sea with storms: Unable to control your sexual desires

Seagull: Safe journey

Seed: Birth

Snake: Sexual energy

Stairs: Gaining something

Stars: Diving intelligence is helping you

Sun: Friendly

Sunset in the east: Spiritual birth

Swimming against water current: You will have to work hard to achieve your goals as you may face challenges.

Scissors: Widgets

Teeth, losing one: Lessens your power

Thorns: Sufferings

Tiger that is helping us: A friend will help you.

Train: A great journey

Tree: Godliness

Tree with pomegranate: Happiness at home and friendship

Turtle: Slowness in spirituality

Vulture: Death

Wanderers: Magical Aid.

Wasp: Sadness

Water: Sexual energy

Water in a lake or taking a bath in lake: Good Health

Water that is not moving: Stored energy

Water to drink: Good Luck

White sheet: Godly protection


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