Realize Your Dreams: Make A Lifeboard!


A Harvard Business School conducted a 10 year study on goal setting. Only 3% of that group had clear written goals. They earned on average 10 times as much as the other 97% combined!! So, the secret is to make clear written goals. Here is a great and very apealing method:


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Your Dream Life: ‘Water’ by Deepa Mehta: Dream Life or not?

There are always people that make a Dream Life out of nothing CLICK HERE

How young Indian widows live an isolated life as outcasts in ashrams. Beautiful movie which tells you how they live a life of deprivation,  condemned by religious laws.

Maybe it will help you to see what your life looks like and if you are on your way to your true Dream Life


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The Dream

The Dream

A man lay on his bed at the end of his life waiting to die.
His dream came to pay its last respects and to bid farewell to the man who had never used it. As it entered the room the man looked down in shame.
“Why did you not realise me?” the dream asked.
“Because I was afraid,” said the man.
“Afraid of what? Said the dream.
“I was afraid I would fail”.
“But haven’t you failed by not attempting to use me?”
“Yes, I did, but I always thought there would be tomorrow”.
“You fool, said the dream, did it never occur to you that there was only ever today?”
“The moment you are in right now?”
“Do you think that now that death is here that you can put it off until tomorrow?”
“No.” said the man, a tear gently rolling down his cheek.
The dream was softer now, because it knew that there were two types of pain, the pain of discipline, and the pain of regret, and while discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs pounds.
Then the dream leant forward to gently wipe away the tear and said,” You need only have taken the first step and I would have taken one to meet you, for the only thing that ever separated us, was the belief in your mind that you couldn’t have me.”
Then they said goodbye, and they both died unfulfilled.
Today’s message: don’t wait too long…
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How to change your life

Change is part of your life

Alter is a component associated with personality it takes place each and every second throughout the day, in the human body and on the earth that you simply live in. Change is essential with regard to existence, but, because people, we quite often fight this simply because we fear what these changes might bring. Whenever you think in your own lifestyle, probably the most challenging occasions had been generally individuals that trained you instruction you will never have found, so that as fireplace conforms steel, you usually emerge stronger as well as shaped using a objective you do not have observed before.

Stop Fighting the Unavoidable

Once we battle change, we fight the organic personality which is where all of us turn out to be stagnant, unsatisfied with no objective. Taking alter may not usually avoid the difficult occasions which are given to all of us with one of these changes, however every time they visit this simpler that you should accept these types of challenges and develop from their store. Fighting alter is comparable to fighting poor climate whenever you waste all of your energy trying to steer clear of the inevitable, the actual storm just may keep on its course, uninhibited from your frugal efforts. You may have a chance to prevent alter for any handful of times, days as well as many years, only one day it’s going to arrive in your doorstep, and the only approach to avoid this from tearing the home lower is always to welcome it as being you’d a the majority of cherished friend and permit it in order to within.

Are you able to Take Alternation in your Existence: Welcoming Little Changes

Is it possible to accept alternation in your lifestyle? Many people tend to be accustomed to change than these vacationers flit through urban centers, barely recalling where they last place their heads, while you will discover some that will not leave the house they purchased two decades before, even if it is falling apart beneath their own ft. Change is something you can study, nevertheless, should you begin taking this in small pieces. Attempt new things every single day, regardless of how small or large the task, and you will quickly discover that change is opportunity in conceal. The difficulties this brings are tough gemstones that people may use to fine-tune our abilities, and ourself, to make sure that we could face lifestyle with braver hearts, prepared to exceed the tides that move the way.

Existence is surely an Adventure and alter is actually our Steed

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My Dream Life: Happiness Test

Are you happy in all area’s of your life? Fill in the test and CHECK HERE.

If one of the area’s has a low score, you know you have to take action!

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What The Bleep Do We Know…How Our Thoughts Influence Our Reality

The mind does not make a difference between what is real or what you imagine with all your senses. Besides, what is reality? Reality is changed by every thought. So, your thoughts are very powerful.

The more you look at quantum physics, the more you realize there are so many possibilities to make your dreams come true.

CLICK HERE to find out more.

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My Dream Life: Dream BIG!


Never stop dreaming, never give up your dreams, it is the only way to get really happy.

Watch this for some help: CLICK HERE

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Plan and achieve your dreams

Live your life to the fullest

You may think your dream life is unreachable, however it stays unreachable if you opt to just continue daydreaming about this! It might be unfortunate to allow your potential be wasted by disregarding what you believe is impractical. You’re ready to eliminate the negativity and really start trying! And seeking starts having a solid plan of action. Ok now what if you do not know things to write for the reason that plan? Here are ten fundamental recommendations as questions that will help you figure things out. Respond to them as honestly as you possibly can. Keep in mind that you will find no right and wrong solutions. The aim would be to complete that plan to help you concretize what you want in life.

1. What exactly are my talents? Are you currently gifted within the arts or sciences? Possibly your strength is based on your communication skills or sports capabilities. Note inside your plan of action that which you do best. If you are proficient at several things, focus on the main one skill which has merited the most praise. In the end have the possibility to become a Jack-of-all-Trades, we can not spread ourselves too thin by attempting to be effective in everything. Pick the one factor you believe will make up the baseline of the dream life.

2. Exactly what do I daydream about more frequently than the others? Eventually, you may be imaging about winning a talent show and subsequently day, the thing is yourself ruling the organization roost as Boss. You have to discern which of the dreams signifies your hobby and which is the actual strength and calling. Sure, you are able to hold an email at karaoke parties but that does not mean you will find the vocal chops to visit professional. Your other daydream consequently may be the more powerful indicator from the direction you would like for the dream life.

3. What can inspire me to obtain up every day? Picture yourself in a number of situations doing different tasks. Which of individuals are you finding probably the most exciting even just by writing it with an imaginary diary or plan of action? It is perfectly normal to love several things, but there’ll always be a popular vocation. That’s your crucial clue to discovering what you want to achieve that will make you your dream life.

4. What’s preventing me from going after transpire? We often put an excessive amount of stock in other individuals opinions. We are able to become too aware of doing the “right factor”, which means “realistic”. How frequently had you been frustrated from going after something since it seemed unreachable, hence the following option is to tear down standards? An adequate amount of that negativity! Probably the most effective people on the planet will not have accomplished what they’ve when they allow the negative people out there reach them. These folks didn’t let negative opinions, financial distress or physical disabilities stop them from succeeding. Steel yourself and develop exactly the same right point of view that may help you achieve your dream life.

5. Who are able to assist me to get began? Your plan of action must have a listing of people that will help you. They are able to vary from family people, buddies, professional contacts and acquaintances. Why do vital that you have this list? You cannot succeed by yourself. You’ll need your network for support and leads. Break lower these people based on how they may assist you to. For instance: your folks could loan serious cash with minimal interest that will help you setup your company. Or perhaps your closest friend could drive you to definitely that reality TV singing competition audition in addition to provide moral support. The direction to your dream life is going to be softer for those who have people supporting and entertaining yourself on.

Don’t be concerned in case your plan of action seems to become a little “rough round the edges”. With time, you will keep to refine that plan before you hit the best mixture of methods to attain your dream life. Your conditions will change and pressure you to definitely adjust accordingly. Just continue being patient, adaptable and positive. Don’t quit, goal high and have confidence in yourself!

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Dreams In A Mad World








And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had..

This is so beautiful!

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Realize your dreams: Law of Attraction – The Secret – Inspirational Video

Do you want to be inspired to realize your dreams? CLICK HERE to see more.

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