You know.. nothing is going to happen when you don’t know what you want. Universe really doesn’t understand what to bring to you. So I will help you to make that clear. And the first question is ‘what do you like to be, have and do?’

What do you want to be??

Do you want to be rich, happy, fulfilled, funny, crazy…?  Get an idea of what kind of person you want to be. It is not always easy to change your habits, but if you don’t know who you want to be, you certainly won’t change in that direction.

Look at people you like. What is it that you like? How do they act, speak, move, behave? What can you learn? They say people can copy the behavior of other people. Look at children, they are great in that, they reproduce all day.. Do you have an actor or actress you really like? A manager you think is really a leader?  A colleague that you admire? A mother who is a great mom? Try to find out what it is that you really like about that person. What would you have to change to be more like that person?

Now you have a list of some characteristics. Choose one thing you really want and which you think is possible. Now, each morning before you start the day you put an intention. ‘Today I want to be …’. You will notice you will think about that a couple of times during the day. You get used to intentions. I never start the day without. I wake up, but before getting up I think what the day will be like, who I am going to meet, what I want to do and how I would like the day to be. There’s always one or two words coming up. Spontaneously. Today I want to be relaxed, smart, happy, open… whatever it is. Try it. It helps a lot to make the day what you want it to be. Try it for some days. Feel how it works. Then try the next topic of your list… Remember: the past is not the future. Every day is a new day with new chances: so if you didn’t do it yesterday, try it today.

What do you want to have??

Do you have of list of things you want to have? I do. It’s a long list, but that ’s OK. I love having dreams and wishes. And I love the moment I can realize one of them. Last week I bought a cross trainer. I want to move and I have to move, but I hate going to the gym. It’s taking too much time. So I was looking for something I could do at home, a device where I have to use all my muscles, a movement I really like. I chose the cross trainer. It’s in one of my rooms with a beautiful view, so it’s really relaxing! And you know what: one of my goals is to remain healthy and slim. So.. I can work on that too! I realized an item of my list and it helps me to realize one of my  goals, so now I have to find out how I can realize the next wanna-have…

Yesterday I spoke with friends. They have a beautiful house in the city. She would love to have a garden to cultivate biological fruit and vegetables. ‘Why don’t you move?’ I asked. She had a lot of ‘buts’. ‘I would like to move but I work here, I would like to live in a village, but it’s not easy to sell my house, we both have to find a job, what about… ‘ and so on. Our mind plays tricks with us all the time. All the’ buts’ make life easy: you don’t have to change..  But you are not realizing your dreams! How can you be happy? So, if you really want a house with a garden then don’t say ‘but’, just say ‘how…’

Do you know how a brainstorm works? You just generate all the ideas you have and nobody is supposed to judge them. Nobody means NOBODY, not even YOU! So now you take pen en paper and write down your list. Is it a bigger house, a car, a cross trainer..? Make your list. You can also read my article about the bucket list, if that helps you. Don’t let your mind play tricks with you again. Don’t postpone, don’t procrastinate, don’t start reading another page or site… please do yourself a favor and write down your list! And please, please, please don’t judge! Don’t say ‘that’s too expensive, that’s not for me.. ‘. Just write it down. How does that feel? It is a start. Now your mind will think about it.. maybe it’s going to find ways.. But I wil l help you with that too.

What do you want to do??

Did you manage to answer the former two questions? Well, then here’s the last one. What do you want to do? You can think of different things: how do you want your day to be like? Your week, your month. Do you want to be physical active or not? Do you want time for meditation, for your children, time to read books?

Do you like holidays on a quiet island or do you love mountaineering? What is it that you really want to do? Make a list. Ask other people, ask your family and friends.

Good luck. And have fun!

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