Affirmations for your dream life

Affirmations to help reach your Dream Life


Life becomes beautiful when dreams are realized. However, the most important thing is to understand how to go about accomplishing one’s goals. There are no short cuts to success but there are ways by which you can make things happen. There is no fun in having a dream and not directing oneself towards it. It is best to first rationalize and have an aim in life. Affirmations are very powerful. They can be used to plan your day, decide what your priority is, and help you have a lot of focus in life. A human being has several dreams and each of us has a different set of priorities as one ages. Hence, it is good to decide what your true aspiration is.


The human brain is complex. It has a tremendous capacity to retain thoughts. Sometimes there is a particular instance in our sub conscious minds. When we actually go through a similar experience, we think that this particular happening is just a coincidence. However, the mind has the power to make the dreams come true! Haven’t you wanted to see a movie and it is showcased in your favorite channel the same evening? This is the power of the mind and if the universe wants you to have something, it will be given to you. Deep in the minds is the power of getting things for oneself. Only the thought needs to be pure.


You can have ‘affirmations’ that will guide you to achieve your happiness. The dream can be as small as owning a vehicle or going for an outing. However, many times simple dreams are not realized. Frustration and negative thinking does not work well and it gives you less contentment in life. Stay positive with affirmations. There are simple affirmations like, ‘I will not get distracted and put in extra hours to master the math chapter’. You can say it several times a day and you will see that you will actually take a step towards accomplishing this task.


Have you felt something in your mind tell you that you can make it to an event despite the traffic jam? Can you realize that the office meeting is going your way? This can also be a time to confirm the same with an affirmation that will make your dream come true. At times, there is the law of nature that waits for the opportune time to give you the gift you desired.


Take a deep breath and say to yourself: ‘I will learn the step in dance class today’. You will be amazed how it improves your confidence and this in itself is more than enough to get ahead. Life is made up of small moments of joy. Saying ‘Thank you’ after the dream is realized is acknowledging the divine power which is present in the universe at all times. If all your affirmations are too difficult for you to remember, you can write them down in a neat piece of paper and read it several times a day. It is preferred that you do it in solitude or when you have some calm but it is good to read it as regularly as possible. Affirmations work well for all of us and this way we can enrich our lives to reach our goals.



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