How to dream?

Now it’s time you start dreaming yourself!

Here’s the exercise.. what was it that you really wanted as a child? Do you remember or do you parents know? Ask them if you can’t remember yourself.

Is it still your dream or don’t you like to be a balletdanser anymore..;-) It might help of thinking about your youth.

If that’s not enough, start writing down your dreams.  What is is that you dream about at night, are you happy, it is scary? Who is part of your dreams, are there animals, people, buildings, cars … ? There’s many books and sites about dream intepretation, but most of the time you know what it means. Are you in a ratrace.. ? Maybe you are in a ratrace at work, at home… So now you know what you don’t want! You want more free time, more space for yourself, more time with your partner or children. Stop! I heard you think ‘but…’. No more ‘yes, but’! I used to do ithat too. Yes, but I have a mortgage, yes, but I have to work hard (my parents told me I have to work hard to get money..), yes but … It takes you nowhere!

So now we start thinking ‘yes, so..’ I want to travel 4 months this year. Yes, but .. I have to work.. No, I don’t have to work the whole year.. I used too. But I found other ways to get money in less time. As soon as we say ‘yes, so..’ the mind start looking foor opportunities.

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